First time ever in the history of Thailand

First time ever in the history of Thailand that the gathering of all the valuables of rare Thai coins to the best completion from past till present. We are pleased to present in this handbook-style The Development of Thai Coins 600 2540 B.E. The Museum Collection formed by enthusiastic group of collectors. The history of this fascinating issues needs no introduction, since it is told and documented in the pages as follows. The wealth of information, knowledge and research complied by the group of strong intention that try to find and gather almost every valuable pieces available for the only intention to make The Museum Collection for the generations to come.

If you or your organizations feel the priceless of the best ever Thai Coins collection, this is the only chance to own The Museum Collection for the best values which takes the group over ten years to compile this many items for the best completion from the early period Dynasty of Funan, Dvaravati, Srivichai, Sukhothai, Ayudhaya, Krung Thonbury and regional coins used in the similar period until the present Dynasty Rattankosin Rama I Rama IX with the total of over 1,800 pieces including more than 20 priceless items regard by experts as the gems of Thai Coins which are not easy at all for any of them to come by again. All items professionally arranged in over 80 custom made rose wood boxes and nicely labeled on metal strips to the best storages. The total estimation of market prices for the lot is over 45,000,000 Baht (fourty five million) which can not be the estimation of priceless sentimental values. The auction lot will start at 20,000,000 Baht (twenty million Baht)

This historic auction is jointly organized by Eur-Seree Collecting Co., Ltd specialist in appraisals valuation and expert opinions on Thai coins, banknotes, stamps and rare documents together with Pantavanij Co., Ltd specialist in E-Auction the center of commercial electronic which is well known and accepted by both public and private agency more than thousand times.

The Development of Thai Coinage 600 2540 B.E. The Museum Collection

The Significance of This Collection
This amazing Collection tells the story of the extraordinary history of The Development of Thai Coinage from 2,000 years till present. The making of the various handmade shapes and sizes including their believes and symbols of all periods which amazingly reveal the historical perspective on over 1,000 items. The history of Thailand can be viewed from different angles, from household utility items, the serenity of our temples, our beautiful traditional cultures and our daily cuisine that well reflects the abundance of our natural resources in different eras. There is one thing, however, that can well reflect, in its own unique way, the stories of the people and their lifestyle, the peace and the abundance of the country as well as the beautiful collections of the ancient Thai cultures. And that is historic coins that bear in each of them invaluable meanings that showcase the different times of each era and its people, from the time of commercial prosperity to the time of contacts with foreign merchants or the time of the falls of different territories and regimes. Each period carried different cultures and lifestyles making its coins unique with distinct stories and meanings.And some of the important items are listed in the table for convenience of checking. For those not listed with few hundred items are still worth in thousands and ten of thousands, please check on each chapter.

Private Museum:
The gathering of all Thai coins from various periods for the making of The Museum Collection for general public at large, must have suitable location and artistic arrangement of items, short labels for each topics are not easy but can be done. Foreign and Thai alike will surely be excited as some of the items only known with few pieces. The whole country will hear of the making of The Museum Collection and will finally be an important tourist attractions and place of knowledge for historians, graduates till young students.

- The important of restoring Thai heritage and cultures will surely be placed in Thai history for nobody ever done it before.
- Visitors will flow for The Museum which in turn further generate many other businesses with the applause from all visitors
- The Museum will attract both foreign and Thai tourists with its renown spread worldwide for much foreign collectors have much interest s for this sector.
- Words will spread widely in public from persons to persons or Word of Mouth which in turn become the best asset to the organizations.
- The Museum Collection will increase or even multiple in term of values better than other investment which decline in values.

Location & Interior:
- Location should be convenience and space adequate enough to accommodate all visitors with area approximately around 30x40 m to 50 x 100 m.
- Cabinet design should be well decorated with safety measures.
- Nicely labels each group for easy identify.
- Securities measures are very important.

Eur-Seree with our experienced expert team are always ready for free expert consultations for the successful bidder on The Museum Collection.

The Museum Collection is a way of long term investment saving as all rare coins will always appreciate in prices. With good interior designs and good knowledge given to the visitors will make The Museum Collection a place to visit by all. One of the Thai heritage will be preserved for generations to come.