Summary and Starting Price

The Museum Collection The Development of Thai Coins 600 2540 B.E. comprises of over 1,800 items (page 125 129) with over 3,500 detailed scans & photographs documented in handbook-style. All items professionally kept in coin holders(made in Germany), gold lockets, silver lockets, locket with real diamonds nicely arranged in over 80 custom made rose wood boxes (page 130 -132) and nicely labeled on metal strips to the best storages.  All boxes are specially design as moveable mobile boxes ready to move to any locations suitable to the owner without disturbing the coins positions.  Handbook and Valuation details done by Eur-Seree Collecting Co., Ltd. and expert team specializes in rare Thai coins, banknotes, stamps and documents with full experiences in authenticity, appraisals with accurate descriptions for over ten thousands items.

Making Valuation for Starting Price:

The Valuations of The Museum Collection include over 1,800 items which undoubtedly the best completion of Thai coins from past till present ever to be offered, the most priceless collection and the most complete structure ever formed, comprises more than 20 priceless items which regards by experts as the gems of Thai Coins which are not easy at all for any of them to come by again.  Valuations of each items are based on the actual market prices, conditions of each items and rarities.  Numerous rare items have not been recorded for trading for long period of time therefore the experiences of the expert team needed for estimations (page 6 7).  Most collectors will never part with their rare coins therefore for many of the very rare coins, ones may expect to pay much more for them if they ever come on the market.

The actual market prices estimation at 45,000,000 Baht (forty five million Baht)

(Eur-Seree values only the actual coins of The Museum Collection to the best nearest actual market possible. Applicators, attachments and equipments for storages which worth over half million Baht are not included in the valuations i.e. more than 20 coins in lockets of gold, silver & diamonds etc.)

The Development of Thai Coins 600 2540 B.E. The Museum Collection

   To Be Sold as a whole collection in one lot

Starting Price at

20,000,000 Baht

(Twenty Million Baht)


If you or your organizations see the priceless of the best ever Thai Coins collection, this is the only chance.